Halloween Patents: Coffins, Costumes, Pumpkins, and Games

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CoffinPatent #81,437 was issued to Franz Vester on August 25, 1868 for an Improved Burial Case.
This coffin was designed so that a person who was buried alive could escape. Vester’s invention included a square tube that extended above the gravesite allowing air inside the coffin. This tube had a ladder and a way for above-ground onlookers to peek inside the coffin below. A bell and cord inside could be used by the occupant to let everyone know he was still alive.

Pumpkin FacePatent 2,096,507 was issued to John ML Czeszcziczki on October 19, 1937 for Forming Configurations of Natural Growth
This patent was for a mold used to produce pumpkins with human faces. An aluminum mold of the head was made and then placed around a pumpkin about the size of a small grapefruit. After the pumpkin grew to fill the mold, it was removed. The pumpkin would then continue to grow with the facial features.

CostumePatent #4,498,199 was issued to Mark D Margolis on February 12, 1985 for a Multiple Headed Costume
This patent was issued to for a comic costume which includes at least a partial poncho-type element for covering at least selected positions of the person wearing the costume, with the poncho extending at least over the shoulders of the person, and a pair of inflatable members arranged respectively one on each shoulder of the poncho, with an opening for the head of the person wearing the costume arranged there between. The inflatable members consist of simulated heads which will stand in upright position on the person’s shoulders when the same are inflated. The heads are caricatures or the like, and an additional headpiece is provided for the person wearing the costume, and the entire unit will include facial makeup materials, so that the person wearing the costume may decorate his or her face in the same manner that the heads are decorated, so that when the costume is properly worn, it will appear as though the person has three heads.

Board GamePatent #5,662,328 was issued to Cyrilla Dianne Pecoy on September 2, 1997 for a Halloween Board Game
The players of this Halloween board game go on a trip around the neighborhood trick or treating and making a visit to the cemetery and a haunted house.

Patent #5,491,007 was issued to Jeffrey Chapman on February 13, 1996 for Carvable Artificial Pumpkin and Method

This patent is for artificial pumpkin made of polyurethane foam material that can be altered or carved.

”Members of the public have before now been forced to purchase real pumpkins,” the patent states. ”However, real pumpkins are perishable and therefore will rot after a time. They are messy and smelly to carve. They cannot be reused in subsequent years.”
By contrast, the artificial pumpkin has none of these drawbacks and is ”durable, nonflammable and carvable,” according to the patent.

Artifical Pumpkin

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